Places to visit that appear
in Commissario Guido Brunetti Mysteries
(Listings Doctored Evidence, updated January 2005)

Interactive Map (in German):

Private homes and offices of the characters:

Brunetti's home - Calle Tiepolo, San Polo

Brett Lynch's apartment - Ramo del Squero Vecchio, Cannaregio 6134 (Death at La Fenice, Acqua Alta)

Palazzo Falier, Paolo's parents' home - Calle del Traghetto, San Barnaba/Ca'Rezzonico, Dorsoduro

Biblioteca della Patria, run by Max Ford and his wife, where Claudia Leonardo worked - Calle Sant'Ana, Castello (Wilful Behaviour)

Public buildings and landmarks:

The Questura (as was, now the Commisariato di San Marco), Fondamenta S. Leonardo 5053, Castello - Brunetti's office

Ca' Foscari (University of Venice), Dorsoduro - Paola's university

Ospedale Civile, Campo SS Giovanni e Paolo, Castello - where pathologists conduct their autopsies (Death in a Strange Country, A Venetian Reckoning), Brett Lynch is treated (Acqua Alta), Maria Testa/Suor Immacolata disappears from (Death of Faith), Franco Rossi dies (Friends in High Places), autopsy also conducted here in Doctored Evidence

Palazzo Ducale - where the director of the museum's body is found (Acqua Alta)

Marciana Library, Piazzetta San Marco - where Brunetti does some research (Death of Faith)

La Fenice - body found in conductor's dressing room (Death at La Fenice)

San Michele Cemetery - where Brunetti's father is buried (Death at La Fenice, Wilful Behaviour), and mortuary where autopsies are performed (Death at La Fenice, Death in a Strange Country, Acqua Alta )

Conservatory, Campo Pisani, San Marco - where Brunetti interviews the Chief Music Critic of the Gazzettino (Death at La Fenice)

Church of San Moise, Campo San Moise, San Marco - where Conductor Helmut Wellauer's funeral service is held (Death at La Fenice)

Church of San Salvador, Campo San Salvador, San Marco - where funeral of Roberto Lorenzoni is held (A Noble Radiance)

Giustian Hospital, Fondamenta Ognissant, Dorsoduro - where Brunetti is a patient when his arm gets infected (Death of Faith) and near which the San Leonardo nursing home is located where Suor Immacolata believes there have been suspicious deaths (Death of Faith)

Rio Dei Mendicanti, alongside Campo SS Giovanni e Paolo - where Sergeant Michael Foster's body is found (Death in a Strange Country)

Coin department store, Salizzada San Crisostomo, Cannaregio - where Brunetti interviews Maurizio Lorenzoni's girlfriend (A Noble Radiance)

Celestia boat stop - beginning of the walkway along the waterfront where Brunetti finds body of Ruffolo

Ponte della Liberta - the rail and road causeway linking Venice to the mainland, on which an attempt is made to kill Brunetti, resulting in the death of a young woman police officer (The Anonymous Venetian), and on which Avvocato Carlo Trevisan's body is found on the train (A Venetian Reckoning)

Campo Manin, San Marco - in which Paola throws a stone into a travel agency window (Fatal Remedies)

Campo del Ghetto Nuovo, Cannaregio - in which the travel agency owner Mitris has his apartment, with windows on the Rio de San Girolamo, where his body is found (Fatal Remedies)

Campo San Polo - where Avvocato Zambino has his office, on the first floor of Palazzo Soranzo (Fatal Remedies)

Campiello agli Incurabili, Dorsoduro - the small square behind the Incurabili on which Damiano Padovani lives, where Brunetti is invited to dinner (The Anonymous Venetian)

Campo San Luca - where the moneylenders the Volpato couple trawl for custom (Friends in High Places)

Campo Santa Marina - on which there used to be a pet shop (A Noble Radiance)

Campo del Angelo Rafael - off which is the building site where Franco Rossi is attacked and Zecchino and his girlfriend are murdered (Friends in High Places)

Campo Santa Giustina - on which Franco Rossi lived (Friends in High Places)

Campo San Boldo - off which is the apartement where Signora Hedi Jacobs lives, and where her body is found (Wilful Behaviour)

Campo Bandiera e Moro - on which Avvocato Filipetto lives (Wilful Behaviour)

Pellestrina - the village on the island of Pellestrina, where Giulio Bottin and his son Marco are murdered in their boat, Signora Follini body is landed in a fisherman's net, Elettra falls in love (Sea of Troubles)

Ca'Roman - the fort and nature reserve on the southern tip of the island of Pellestrina where Bonsuan is murdered and Elettra is shipwrecked (A Sea of Troubles)

Burano, Campo Vigner - where tax evader Vittorio Spadini lives (A Sea of Troubles

) San Servolo -island on which there used to be a mental asylum, where Claudia Leoardo's grandfather died (Wilful Behaviour)

Casino - where Brunetti and Paola are guests for dinner and gambling (Death in a Strange Country), the subject of investigation by the police for suspected embezzlement of public funds (Uniform Justice),

Calle Tintoretto, Cannaregio - home of Maria Grazia Battestini, where her body is found

Campo Santa Maria Formosa - on which Murino and Semenzato have their antiques shop (Acqua Alta)

Campo San Maurizio - where Brunetti visits a jeweller friend (Uniform Justice) and where Donna Leon's jeweller friend Roberta Pianaro has a jewellery workshop at number 2604

Tronchetto - the car park island, where the activities of touts who fleece tourists are drawn to the attention of the police (Uniform Justice)

Hotels, restaurants and bars:

Gritti Palace Hotel, Campo del Traghetto, Santa Maria Zobenigo, San Marco - where baritone opera singer Francesco Dardi and tenor Echeveste are guests (Death at La Fenice), where Patta takes coffee in the summer (Death at La Fenice)

Hotel Fenice, Campiello della Fenice 1936, San Marco - where Brunetti interviews theatre director Franco Santone, a guest here (Death at La Fenice)

Ai Greci (the bar at the foot of Ponte dei Greci/Ponte de l'Osmarin), Castello 4988 - Brunetti's local when he's at work

Paolin, Campo Santo Stefano 3464, San Marco - bar and gelateria, where Brunetti has coffeee (Death at la Fenice)

Florian's, Piazza San Marco 57 - where Patta takes coffee in the winter (Death at La Fenice) and Brunetti meets Dr Zorzi (A Venetian Reckoning)

Didovich, Campo Santa Marina 5987, Castello - a bar/pasticciera that Brunetti frequents (Uniform Justice) on his way to work

Sommariva, Riva del Vin 731, San Polo - restaurant where Brunetti and Paola dine on lobster and champagne (Uniform Justice)

Testiere, Calle del Mondo Novo 5801, Castello - one of Brunetti's favourite restaurants (Uniform Justice)

Boldrin, Salizada San Canzian, Cannaregio - bar with good snacks and hot lunches that Brunetti patronizes (Doctored Evidence)

Da Remigio, Castello - where Brunetti and Vianello would have eaten had it been open (Doctored Evidence)

Do Mori, Calle dei Do Mori 692, San Polo - Brunetti's favourite bar (Death in a Strange Country, A Venetian Reckoning, The Death of Faith, Doctored Evidence)

Rosa Salva, Campo San Luca 4589 - according to Paola, has the best coffee in Venice (Death in a Strange Country) and generally agreed to be one of the best bars in the city (Fatal Remedies), where Bruentti drinks (Friends in High Places)

Bar Torino, Campo San Luca - where Brunetti has a spritz (Friends in High Places)

Gelateria Nico, Fondamenta Zattere ai Gesuati 922 - bar famous for its icecream where Brunetti stops for a drink (Acqua Alta)

Il Cucciolo, Campiello della Calcina, Zattere ai Gesuati - bar with deck on the water - a location now run as restaurant bar of the Calcina Hotel (Acqua Alta)

Cipriani (poolside), Giudecca - where Patta lunches (Death at La Fenice)

Harry's Bar, Calle Valaresso 1323, San Marco - where Patta lunches (Death at La Fenice)

Il Milion, Corte del Milion 5841, Cannaregio - where Brunetti has an adequate lunch (The Anonymous Venetian)

Al Covo, Campiello della Pescaria 39668, Castello - where Paola chooses to be taken for dinner (Death in a Strange Country)

Do Forni, Calle del Specchieri 457, San Marco -a restaurant once famous for its food, now for its prices, where Patta lunches (A Venetian Reckoning)

Da Fiore, Calle del Scaleter 2202, San Polo - 'the best restaurant in Venice' (Death of Faith)

Antico Dolo, Calle Ruga Vecchia 778, San Polo - Brunetti has a glass and an apetizer in this neighbourhood restaurant (Fatal Remedies)

Due Colonne, Campo Sant' Agostin 2343, San Polo - Brunetti's neighbourhood pizzeria (Fatal Remedies)

Da Romano, Piazza Galuppi 221, Burano - restaurant where, much to his disappointment, Brunetti doesn't eat because there's no table (Sea of Troubles)


Biancat, Campiello Meloni 1474, San Polo - Brunetti's favourite florist (Death at La Fenice, Friends in High Places)

Fantin, Campo San Salvador 4805, San Marco - the most expensive florist in Venice, where Elettra orders flowers for the office (The Anonymous Venetian)

Casa Del Parmigiano, Campo del la Cordaria 214, San Polo - where Brunettii's wife shops (The Anonymous Venetian)

Billa, Campo San Felice, Cannaregio - supermarket where Assunta Gisimondi shops for foodBiancat, Campiello Meloni 1474, San Polo - Brunetti's favourite florist (Death at La Fenice, Friends in High Places)

Fictional locations:

San Martino Military Academy, Fondamenta del Rio de Sant'Eufemia, Giudecca - where Ernesto Moro dies (Uniform Justice)