International Praise for Donna Leon

“A splendid series . . . with a backdrop of the city so vivid you can almost smell it.”—The Sunday Telegraph (London)

“Donna Leon can paralyze the reader with joyful suspense.”—The Mail on Sunday (London)

“The modest building on the Fondamenta San Lorenzo which houses the Questura is likely to become as much a tourist attraction as the Quai des Orfčvres.”—Times Literary Supplement  (London)

“Sensitive, incredibly colourful social portraits, close-ups of a splintered, encrusted society. But finally it is probably Guido Brunetti who makes the novels so successful. The reader follows him with pleasure through the narrow, winding streets of Venice.”—Der Spiegel (Hamburg)

“One gets addicted to Brunetti.”—News (Vienna)

“Donna Leon is a top thriller writer, on a par with Agatha Christie, Dorothy L. Sayers, Patricia Highsmith and Ruth Rendell. Women, so it would seem from literary history, have always been in their element with the genre of murder and violence.”—Sonntags Zeitung  (Zurich)

“Commissario Brunetti’s investigations place Donna Leon very high in the hierarchy of crime writing.”—Le Figaro magazine (Paris)

“Donna Leon guides us through Venice like James Ellroy through Los Angeles or Manuel Vŕzquez Montalbŕn through Barcelona: with an eye used to detect what lies behind the façade.”—Le Figaro magazine, Paris


“This is apowerful story, brilliantly evoking Venetian atmosphere, and the characters of Brunetti and his family continue to deepen throughout this series.”—The Times, London

“Donna Leon’s novels have become successively more subtle, more complex and perhaps more serious, wihtout ever loosing their compelling power as narratives. This is especially true of Wilful Behaviour; the story is wholly engrossing, yet at the same time the subtext, highly relevant to the present, is a grim one.”—The Evening Standard, London


“Donna Leon goes from strength to strength. Her latest Guido Brunetti novel is clever, vivid and wholly absorbing.”—The Observer, London

“It’s a mark of this elegant and cunning writer that not even the most wonderful city on earth upstages her characters and plots . . . With her usual skilful plotting and perfectly judged pace, Leon teases out a tangled drama of institutional sleaze, loan-sharking and drug abuse . . . I’ve always thought I couldn’t love anyone who didn’t love Venice, and now I don’t think I could really understand a crime fan who didn’t love Donna Leon.”—Scotland on Sunday


“Crime Writing of the highest order: powerful, relevant and too full of human failings.”—The Guardian, London

“The plot and subplots unfold elegantly; beauty and the beast march hand in hand, and the result is rich entertainment.”—The Sunday Times, London

“A splendid read, clever and provoking.”—The Observer, London


“One of the reason’s for Donna Leon’s success is without doubt the fact that she is such a brilliant craftswoman; her texts are both masterly and sparkling.”—Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

“Leon evokes memorably La Serenissima’s unsettling mixture of faded beauty and fecund corruption.”—The Sunday Times, London

“Highly interesting, the way the relationship between Brunetti and Paola deepens and is revealed in all its aspects.”—The Evening Standard, London


“Goes a long way to confirming Donna Leon’s claim to have taken literary possession of Venice . . . A Noble Radiance finds her at the height of her power.”—The Independent on Sunday, London